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I found out that almost any box truck in CA is going to really cost me some serious coin in regards to commercial registration and insurance. I'm not about to give this crazy state $500 a year to drive my vehicle, especially because when I tour, I'm only in the state for a day or 2 at the most.
Ugh. Back to square one.
My city also has a law they just started enforcing which has put me on this crazy quest. No "motorhomes" on the street between 2-6am. Been here for 4 years and never had an issue until 2 months ago.
Thats why I wanted the length to be limited to 16ft, so it will fit in my driveway. I could get the box truck registered as an RV (loophole) but then I have to battle the city tickets again. Then chop it shorter for driveway parking? What a pain in my ass.

Between my city's parking on the street laws and the state registration laws I'm really just between a rock and a hard place.
I'll find a loophole somewhere eventually.
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