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Questions on the boat tail design. I remember posting this somewhere but can't find it.

The back of the Probe has a very short deck that angles slightly upward. The rear window exceeds the template but displays attached flow. I will be building the boat tail from the level of the lip and do not know what angle to start at.

When I asked last I recall someone saying to take that % of the template and lower it to the departure point. The deck cuts off at 40% of the template (about 15 deg), so I cut the template there and lowered the 15* line to the rear of the car. Is that correct? With a 15* angle from the belly pan the boat tail will come to a point at the 60% mark (~20 deg).

Thanks guys.


Updates on the car. I'm going to visit the junkyard to find some extra tail light connectors to splice the trailer lights onto. This should allow me to simply unplug the lights if needed and keep the original ones uncut and stock.

Going to pick up some quad sealed beam headlight buckets too if possible.

Still need more coroplast.

After lots of sketches and a little actual work I kind of finished the paint job yesterday by adding a crop circle of my own design. It is intended to display my location (Earth) and good intentions to passing spacecraft in LEO. It got some nasty overspray due to the stencil's incompatibility with the roof's compound curvature, but overall I like it.

Kind of mirrors the "blue marble" photo of the planet with swirling clouds over the oceans. The multiples of three represent balance and harmony (you know, with the spiritual switch to begin next solstice ).

Crop Circle by Tyler Linner, on Flickr
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