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At your 11:40 post I was happy for you, the box van would be preferable to that 'house of cards' construction. Then at 12:33 I saw what a roller coaster your on.

Between my city's parking on the street laws and the state registration laws I'm really just between a rock and a hard place.
Can you say 'Californicated'?

This last weekend my brother and I went to the races (Electrathon, that is). One of the teams was carrying 2ea 6-7' long racers in this:

That's my brother in the yellow shirt (I should have Photoshopped that). The owner reported that when he did the stretch he lost about 2 mpg, so ~42 mpg.

Now a Metro is 12 1/2' long, so you could only stretch 3 1/2'. Maybe start with a Rabbit diesel pickup? Any way you go, you're trying to fit 8' of load into a 16' bag.
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