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Originally Posted by husasa View Post
Craig Vetter has a point about the best vehicle being your first choice, and for me there is great appeal in a “good-looking” machine. In the few weeks that I have had the C90, my eyes have been reopened about the practicality of motorcycles. Although I have always considered myself a “biker” the truth is that I have not used a bike as regular transport since my teens. They make great toys but no way would I choose one over my car for anything but a “fun” journey.
I think you and Craig have a very valid point here that is the biggest obstacle to overcome for high mileage bikes. Most people in the US think of motorcycles as toys. Not real transportation. Creating a desirable single occupant high mileage vehicle is difficult because they currently don't exist except as conventional motorcycles.

The public psyche needs to be somehow changed to accept these as desirable. In the '70s SUVs didn't exist like they do now. They were rough, utilitarian and functional. These days they are desirable because they are seen as powerful, luxurious, safe, upmarket, bling-ridden, utilitarian (for groceries and kids).

Is that what we need to make these things desirable? Maybe it's the resulting "helmet hair" that scares people away. Maybe it's that it's an "unsafe" motorcycle, which is really about as unsafe as a handgun.

The current younger generation, the analysts tell us, is less concerned about owning a fancy bling vehicle and more concerned about the environmental impact and social connection. Maybe we need to do and apply some more market research to help get this off and running on it's own.

Visionary, judging by your avatar, I think you are on the right track to resolve alot of the public desires. Keep it up!
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