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Well, I did a fill up last night just a few tenths short of traveling 150mi according to the trip odometer. I had hardly used a third of the tank and the suspense was killing me to find out what my recent driving habits had gained me. So here's what I got...

149.6 mi
2.677 gallons

That's a bit shocking over the 39mpg I steadily have gotten in the past. Also, I didn't start experimenting with the engine off coasting until I had rolled past 65 miles on the trip, so only 56% of that fillup benefitted from my changed driving habits. This still seems abnormally high, so I'm reserving my enthusiasm and am doubting that I actually topped off the tank completely (it's just too good to be true). Still, there had to be some gain - and I'm excited to verify that my habits are really paying off.

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