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Hidden grill block in the back of the grill, usefull or useless?


grill blocks are very useful to get a higher mpg, but the look of these blocks lokks horrible to me.

Now i got an idea.

The german Opel Calibra was built with several different engines, but its body was always the same. The slowest engine (115hp) as a integrated upper grill block, hidden behind the grill. So it looks like normal, but ther cant get any air trough.

This smaller engined Calibra hat an cw of 0.26, all other engined Calibras had cw 0.28 to 0.29.

I´have no information if this car was sold in the usa, but you will find several pictures with google. Its upper grill goes deep in his front-bumper, so with a block at his end there is a deep hole. Does the air built a "filling" so that there are no turbulences, or is it a very bad aerodynamic idea?

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ecomodding in germany, with prices of more than 8$ per gallon....
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