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Originally Posted by stillsearching View Post
Not to threadjack but what things would one change if they were trying to apply it to a more snub nosed vehicle, like a flatnose schoolbus, motorhome, older cabover semi or similar?
If you look at the template, it's pretty blunt at the front as well.

Shepherd777s truck looks very pointed in his avatar, almost like an eagle's beak when seen from that angle, but it's quite blunt when seen from aside as on page 4 :

On page 5 you can guestimate the plan shape, which is also fairly blunt.

And that's OK for the speeds rigs travel at ...
So a blunt nose could be added to a bus with a minimal increase in length - say around 3 feet.
It doesn't have to be perfect either - any rounding is better than none.

Actually, some European bus designs have bulging noses.
Old busses usually had a rounded nose.
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