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-I'm taking a long trip and will be measuring the accuracy of this app.
-One thing that I did for the MPG instant reading is set the limit to I believe 115mpg (which is a little beyond what the reading goes to while coasting), because sometimes it jumps to the max (255mpg), and I think that this skews the average MPG reading.
-I will be comparing the fuel used figure to the amount of fuel that it takes to fill the tank up again, and will also be comparing the trip distance figure to that of the car's computer. Then using all of this data to see how accurate the MPG reading is to the individual readings of the app, and the actual MPG.
-As for the accuracy of the app, as detailed in the Torque forum, during some of the update intervals, one user noted that no fuel was logged as being used, so this would increase the recorded MPG usage, and decrease the recorded fuel usage.

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