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Looks like a great project--win-win on functionality and aero. I don't know about the need for compound curves or not. But I have two annoying non-helpful comments:

1) I was confused by the title [EDIT: but I'm not anymore], "pop-top". To me, that means a camper that uses a combination of a hard shell and tent material to make something that stows for driving and expands for sleeping, like the top of an old VW camper bus. I gather[ed] this is a rigid shell that doesn't get reconfigured [EDIT: But I was wrong--It does pop up!!]. I mention that mostly in case someone else reading this thread gets unconfused faster by reading this note. [EDIT: see a8ksh4 a few posts down explain what he really has in mind]

2) Did you know that pink foam (and blue foam, both XPS (expanded polystyrene)) has a high global warming potential? It's foamed with HFC or HCFC, which have global warming effects thousands of times greater than CO2. Polyisocyanurate is a much better alternative. I can't post a link, but you can find an article by googling "Calculating the Global Warming Impact of Insulation"

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