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There are a lot of what I'd call...GRUNGE....on this forum who like to dump on any mods that might improve combustion efficiencies and so fuel additives...air intakes...etc.

Instead of realizing that improving mpg is like an easter egg hunt...where you chase down ALL leads...they DUMP on anything new. Sort of STRANGE for a forum dedicated to eco-modding?

There are some who do like to drop an brightly colored egg here and there to watch the chase begin...for profit or just for fun?

That said...I would caution you to keep careful track of your engine is by monitoring exhaust can weld a "bung" into your exhaust to get a decent temp readout.

I did some sensor modding with a 1st gen Nissan engine (early EFI) and was able to lean the engine out to the point that it wouldn't start in colder weather and lost some power when warmed up...but saw no mpg gain. (4x4) It also overheated mildly on a long upgrade on the highway. So I backed off on it some.

The GRUNGE lose sight of one fact...the main issue is an mpg increase...if you honestly have that...stay with just need to be sure you aren't harming the engine in some way.

I recently got a 1-2 mpg (?) by simply installing a cone filter...which might be affecting how the MAF reads air intake....been arguing with the GRUNGE ever since though.

Strangely...the Focus intake is likely restricted from the factory...and I "unrestricted" it....though there is a built-in venturi right before the MAF sensor "wires".

LaPointe info from 06....95 Mazda pickup....

"We fixed the original messed-up inlet system by letting the intake air come from the engine compartment. The gutless condition over 60 MPH was cured by removing the plastic venturi out of the inlet hoses and replacing it with a straight-thru plastic hose. The venturi served no purpose except to slow down the vehicle. Then we removed the plastic air filter container and with a hole saw drilled 10 holes to let air into the filter without the air flow being restricted. The previous hole from the fender well was finally plugged and now WARM radiator air comes into the engine inlet system. The car has picked up about 30-35 HP and can accelerate easily up to 90 without hesitation. An impossibility before. In all respects, the Mazda runs much better and more efficiently. So we wonder (how on Earth) Ford and Mazda engineers allowed these idiotic mistakes that we fixed. The car was a gutless wonder and now runs extremely well. This pickup is the same as a Ford Ranger pickup."

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You aren't hurt by this it is moot if you don't want. I am getting a substantial improvement already and even as it is significant each reading it is at least AN improvement. The problem this is stupid and I have gone 300 miles with 3 fill ups and am averaging 37 MPG cross city and hwy now. I can't tell the accuracy until I start doing top offs and full drain. They are seemingly fluctuating but I get that you changed yer own @#$%^&*() opinion to them somehow. : |
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