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yes - you are wrong -

I can't tell the accuracy until I start doing top offs and full drain. They are seemingly fluctuating but I get that you changed yer own @#$%^&*() opinion to them somehow. :

first of all
restricting MAF FLOW can not change air fuel ratio IF the system does not set a DTC for lean condition

if your check engine light is not on you are not changing AFR
this is a fact
it is true whether or not you can understand it .

changing MAF FLOW (reducing) does change the LOAD calculation
and that
may / might change the ignition timing map which may or may not have an effect of increasing fuel economy
it will NOT make the engine / system get happy with the use of
87 octane fuel (regular fuel)
if it was designed to use
91 octane fuel (mediocre fuel)

lean condition always
combustion temperature and exhaust gas temperature
when leaner that about 15.5 to 16 to 1 see the NOX curve
that is irrelevant as we have already established that you have not changed your AFR by making your system leaner as you have no cEL therefore no lean condition fault or DTC

now then;
advancing ignition timing by screwing with ignition timing map
(reducing LOAD calculation)
causes peak combustion pressure to occur
BEFORE 14 degrees ATDC which causes (ping) engine damage which is
usually attributed to
the alleged (non existent) lean condition

bottom line
measure calculated load and ign timing advance on cyl 1 with your scan tool
and after
even a POS scan tool like SCAN GAUGE can do that -

use a co pilot when graphing OR logging with any scan tool

do not tamper with things you do not understand
you have learned enough to understand the possible damage you can cause
with your TAMPERING
when you can make a rational decision about the benefits as opposed to detrimental effects
of your choices

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