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LaPointe sez....

Why do persons criticize good products they have not tried out?

"One BIG reason is that such persons see us as competition. So they want to discredit our products to sell more of their own inferior stuff. We know from psychology that many guys are insecure and feel threatened when they hear about something new that sits beyond their experience or level of expertise. Rather than ask how it works, they find it easier to condemn what they do not understand in an effort to dismiss the object that threatens them. Often they like to appear “smarter” or more “cynical” in order to seem “cool.” An intelligent person usually asks how it works and collects more information about something before forming a logical and informed decision."

LaPointe is likely no longer with us...can't even see his old site on the wayback machine.....though you could before. Looks like the ethanol producers/Texas all people/war mongers together and deleted him?
Carry on humans...we are extremely proud of you. ..................

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