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Originally Posted by BikerModder View Post

And to all I could suggest a bigger plate along with the mileage reading I saw without sacrificing power. Maybe a K&N along with would improve the power response along with significant results.
I'm doubting a bigger plate would help, but who knows. Usually those sensors are on the sides or periphery of the intake tube/ maybe it is the increased flow rate that makes the diff?

I'm thinking a hemispheric shape...half of a ball or egg would help smooth the flow out some...unless it is the disturbed flow that helps to cause an mpg gain.

Adding a cone filter right before the AFM might help some by not restricting the flow until it hits the plate or hemisphere?

Like to hear how it works out....

My advice...if you see an mpg gain...stay with it and improve things if possible.

Would help if you would document your results some...but you'll never satisfy some people on this forum.

REMEMBER......The mpg gain is the and why you see the mpg gain is the CART. Most reasonably intelligent people try to keep the HORSE in front of the better that way.

Some try to beat the crap out of the horse with the cart...go figure.
Carry on humans...we are extremely proud of you. ..................

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