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Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
...I have a large homemade CNC machine which I would like to design my own body for this car, but the price for a complete car is too much for me so I hope I could partner up with a local mechanic in the future to make our own...
A build with a local mechanic sounds practical. There are Team WIKISPEED members in BC that you may be able to connect with, if you would like to. Send an email to if you'd like to join the team!

Your CNC machine would come in handy for all sorts of things, I'm sure. The car body is structural carbon fiber. This is not my area, but I think that it takes some practice to get it right.

Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
I read the chassis can be bought for $1000 at the Seattle home base, will you guys ever make a guide on how you got the cars you have for sale road legal?
I was told that a WIKISPEED car has been sold to someone in Canada. I don't have details or timing. Whatever paperwork, or crash testing, or changes are required in order to license it in Canada and drive it on public roads will be done. I'm just not sure when. I'll cross-post your questions to Team WIKISPEED and see if someone can answer them better than I can.

Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
Also do you think the electric drive train could be (low spec, heavy setup) cheaper then the sourced out Civic one?
I am involved in the Electric Motor Module build. It is far too early to tell for sure, but my feeling is that the purchase-from-WIKISPEED electric version of the motor module will be more expensive than the Civic gas engine motor module. That does not mean that you cannot build an Electric Motor Module for less. Costs could be reduced by sourcing the motor, the controller, the charger or the batteries for less, recycling used parts, etc.

Originally Posted by Arashi View Post
Ideally I would like to purchase the Chassis and make it into a road legal hardtop convertible by using a $1000 donor for parts... proper a-pillars, windshield, suspension etc.
I'm not sure I'm qualified to comment on this one. A hardtop version of the car is in development. I haven't heard of any teams working on a hardtop convertible - but I would not know.

The car has a 5 star crash rating. I think the A pillars and windshield are fine for road legal. There are a number of prototypes on the road in the USA, licensed and insured. There are a few different rules in Canada, so it takes time to meet the requirements.

The suspension is actually quite impressive on the WIKISPEED car.

I think that the windshield is a stock item from a Miata - but I don't know which model or which year.
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