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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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yes - you are wrong again / still

"... @mwebb you make some pretty valid complaints but it is not "first of all"?
tho I am not getting any errors E85 throws a warning light in my car. also were all here... still you have all day it sounds. ..."

actually no-
you may indeed be inflicting damage to your engine and you appear to be blissfully UN aware of how to test for it or that there is even a reason or need to test for it.

until it bites you right in the butt .
modifying to the point of catastrophic failure or possible and likely catastrophic failure is to be avoided .

i just wanted future readers of this
blarney thread
to be aware
that you have absolutely no idea what you are doing - so that they do not blindly follow in your footsteps and install
UNimprovements into their systems without first learning about the
REAL and effective
methods of improving things like Fuel Economy and power output

that will NOT cause surprises


REDUCEING MAF flow can never improve power output
installing K&N garbage filters can never improve fuel economy as per two tests by EPA and one much better test by IATN
REDUCEING MAF flow can never enable a change from 91 octane to 87 octane fuel

you are speaking dingbat
thank me very much for my patience if not my diplomacy.

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