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Don't get me wrong...

... I knew there would be work to be done. Hacking the electrical system to make it a mild hybrid, for example.

I'm a mechanical engineer, not an electrical engineer. So the hack would tax my skills.

But it looks like waaaay more engineering is needed is needed. More than just buying some parts and installing them (for which I am fully competant).

I'm now thinking that I might have to custom fabricate some carbon fiber suspension components. Carbon fiber halfshafts, anyone? Carbon fiber control arms? Front Subframe?

How do you cut 500 lbs. from a car without gutting the interior?

Engine swaps? Especially gas to diesel swaps? That's tough stuff. A diesel doesn't help the lightening process, either. They're all cast iron. Very heavy.

Running E85 in a non-flex fuel '07 Saab 9-3 2.0T
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