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I definitely need all the space under the cap as I will be basically living out of it. I noticed the shape of the foil was too sharp but just layed this up for illustrative purposes. Based on the pics of the suggested air foil shape it looks like i will have to change my foil frame structure idea. I was going to make the structure from pvc with various bends but now realize it would not have given a smooth enough transition. I definitely like how much lower the start of the foil is in your first pic. I think I will just make it out of sheet aluminum .030 with no inner frame. I can bead roll it and brake over all the sides to give it rigidity and would be much lighter and easier/smoother to transition.

Question 2: will the lines from the bead roller in the aluminum create any turbulence? Should I make the "grooves" from the bead roller fall under the surface or protrude above? And should the beads go from front to back or side to side? Im thinking sided to side will make it easier to contour but dont want any turbulence from it.

Question 3: the foil will be 4' wide. Is it ok if I just run the sides straight down at a 90 or do they need to angle toward the outside of the car?

As for today's list; just added an electric fan I had on the shelf. Next im making a cold air intake with some 2" pvc to straighten the air flow out a bit. These two are mostly for more power as I'll be going through some mountains and need every bit of power I can scrounge from this tired thing. And I know more power is more effeciency. Same reason a 500hp corvette can get 25mpg. the pedal is 10% down instead of 50%(about what it takes in my ranger to keep me at highway speed lol) Im currently getting 25mpg mixed. I will update with pics later today as I get everything buttoned up.
Also on the list is mud flap removal and power inverter installation. That will probably run me through the end of the day.
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