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Help! quick and dirty 'tarp topper' to aero pickup?

I have a pickup that gets a rather horrific 14-15mpg on the highway with the taller-than-the-cab topper it currently has. I need to move it 250 miles sometime soon. I'm trying to figure out if there is some kind of quick and dirty mod I can do to give it better aero... like a quick metal frame clamped to the bed and a tarp giving it a single slope from cab down to an arrow point on the extended tailgate or something. But it's possible flapping in the breeze will be so loose it will create drag unless it's really tight.

I plan on driving slower but dont want to be a road hazard. I don't need to see out the back for years my original topper didn't even HAVE windows, I just need cheap and quick since I don't plan to use it on the highway much at all after this one time. (it will be parked awhile)

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