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Originally Posted by Smurf View Post
Driving 2450 miles per month?! DAMN!

A few months ago, you were getting ~21MPG. Now, you're getting ~24MPG.

2450 miles / 21MPG = 116.67 gallons per month
2450 miles / 24MPG = 102.83 gallons per month

A difference of 13.84 gallons every month. Suppose it's $3.70/gallon average, you're saving $51 every month now.

Now, let's assume you dive in and get yourself a Matrix/Vibe. Stock, they're about 30MPG, but let's say you creep up on 35MPG average..

2450 miles / 35MPG = 70 gallons per month. That's 46 gallons better than you were a few months ago, ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY BUCKS A MONTH in your pocket.
Yessir. Almost 30k mi a year...I hate it.

First Goal- Average (3 or more) tanks at 25mpg.
Second Goal- Highest ever of 30mpg.
Third Goal- Buying a more fuel efficient vehicle =/

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