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Originally Posted by roosterk0031 View Post
My cobalt payment is $130 a month, fuel savings covering about $100 of it. I didn't run the numbers but looks like 40 mpg car should pay for itself (almost) still that insurance and license cost but close.

Ride that KLR, I put 20k on my 00 untill I thought I needed more and bought a FZ1, then a few others, should have just kept riding that KLR. You are all ready have the best option to the car, just make your self get on it.
If I could drive the KLR to work, I would every day. Unfortunately, most days at work I am required to carry around suitcases of medical eqiupment around new jersey. One or two suitcases I could handle, but no more on the bike.

Only rarely do I get to commute via MC, which sucks.

How is your car payment only 130 a month?

First Goal- Average (3 or more) tanks at 25mpg.
Second Goal- Highest ever of 30mpg.
Third Goal- Buying a more fuel efficient vehicle =/

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