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Well... Shortly after I re-set the parameters, I had to go argue a ticket down at the DMV for another vehicle I owned concerning my inspection sticker. It was like talking to a brick wall. So I decided to stop driving my van until it had it's state inspection sticker to avoid another ticket. Then I went on vacation and now that I'm back, I took the van to inspection last week and it passed! Now I'm legal and putting some real miles on the van and have some more questions.
Here are the specs on the van: '79 vw bus, 20*6v golf cart batteries (sam's club), 9" ADC motor (of course, Revolt controler).
I hit a fairly steep hill yesterday and even in 1st I was barely getting up it. It felt like my amps were limited. A month ago when I set up my controler parameters that Paul suggested above, I *thought* I left my amps at the max, but now I'm doubting my memory. What should my amps be set at if I want it set at max?
Also, can anyone point me in the direction of an article on how to figure out State Of Charge and Depth Of Discharge on lead acids?
Joel in Philly
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