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Originally Posted by ac6404 View Post
So I've been looking at "chop top" jeep xjs lately, like the one below. I like the look of them and the utility of the small pickup bed.

I know it's a major mod, but I was thinking that with a removable cover, like the on in the photo, except designed with an optimal curve and perhaps made from rigid materials, that you could see some serious drop in Cd.

In addition, you could create some nice mounts for a full boat tail & start your tail further up on the jeep, making the total length of the car w/ tail shorter than it could otherwise be. Not an improvement in Cd, but perhaps in handling and ability to park.

What's everyone's thoughts on this? are there significant gains to be made here compared to adding a full tail to a stock xj?
You're whole thought process is perfectly linear to me.And I think you have a complete command of the logic surrounding boat-tailing.
If you are very attached to this kind of vehicle,and will be keeping it long enough to compensate for the time and material of the mods,then it looks like it's the best match for your project.
The roof profile will have a jump on the competition as far as pressure recovery goes,so length for length she'll have the advantage.
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