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Originally Posted by Sven7 View Post
Triangular plywood topper coming down at a 15* angle on top. Make sure the edges don't stick out past the cab.

A tarp has the possibility of flapping vigorously in the wind, negating gains.

You could also just cover the rear half of the bed, like a half tonneau cover. This would leave the forward half next to the cab open. GM filed a patent on it in 1984- covering only half may give better gains than a full tonneau.
What about covering the half rear of the bed, and also having a slope down from the cab on the front half?

Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Is it really worth the effort for one 250 mile trip?

How much time & work are you willing to invest to save less than seven dollars? (I'm assuming saving money is your goal.)
Good point. Guess i'm too compulsively thinking of saving, like coupon cutters who buy stuff they dont need. XD That said i'm also wanting to actually start experimenting with ecomodding more seriously, learning is part of it, i'd probably apply it to something else in the future, plus I have scrap wood laying around since it sounds like that works better than the tarps anyway.
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