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Originally Posted by stillsearching View Post
My understanding is that air drag is 50-65% of the load of a typical semi at highway speeds. Mathematically that would tell me that your truck has 0 drag since its twice the mileage. >_>
Zero drag is only possible in outer space, where there is no atmosphere.
And we cannot afford the toll road to get up there.

Aerodynamics are only part of the fuel efficiency puzzle.

We get twice the mileage because:
  • We do have the best Class 8 aerodynamics in the world.
  • We have removed many engine and tire parasitic losses.
  • We use race car type tweaks for efficiency, not speed.
  • We (almost) never idle.
  • We operate between 1100-1250 rpm all day long and cruise 55 mph @ 1225 rpm.
  • We have the best engine performance driver info feedback display.
  • We take a software snapshot of engine performance every 60 seconds.
  • We don't drive it like an idiot. Most everybody else, does.

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