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Toothbrush, you're my inspiration for using this pink foam stuff!! Your camper looks awesome. Have you started laying fiberglass over it yet?

Good idea on the drawer slides. I'm going to look at some of those at home depot next time I make it over there. I wonder if I might be able to get some eol server rails from work that would do the trick. They're a lot longer than I probably want... I received a set of strut channel trolleys yesterday so will see how well they fit/slide later, too.

Chrs, yah, the plan is to have a wench on one side that I can crank and lift the whole thing straight up.

I cut x-sections of the shell last night. These are all 1" smaller than I want the external surface of the shell to be, so I should be able to cut, bend, and glue the 1" foam board across them and get the right size shell:

My strategy was to carefully measure and cut the largest x-section first. Once I had that, I used it to trace the sides of the remainder. Then I measured the needed height of the remainder and shifted the big one down and traced it's top. I used a round piece of foam I cut to radius the side<->top corners.

When I lined them up, I realized, unfortunately, that I had measured two of the panels incorrectly and will have to re-cut them. I'm glad I figured this out now, rather than after putting the whole thing together and finding that It was crazy unsymmetrical.
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