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Bruce thanks for the warm welcome. Yes I have already done a lot of basic maintence items on the truck to get it running a little more efficently. I just went and looked at the list that you reccomended and it seems that quite a few of the things are ones that I was already planning on doing or are already done.

Including planning on:

Installing a Vacuum gauge
Removing the passenger side mirror
Removing and shaving the antennas. I assume at some point in the past the truck had a radio and a CB but currently it has neither.
installing an electric fan
Installing engine kill and start switches

And already I have going for me:

No power steering
Lowered suspension
Tonneau cover
Manual transmission
Weight reduction - In a sense it weighs about 700lbs less than my old S10. Around 2600lbs Vs 3300lbs

But like I said before I start changing too much around I want to first drive it for a while as is to get a good baseline mpg average. But I might still go ahead and install some gauges in the near future like coolant temp, vac, and a tach since it does not have any of those from the factory... and maybe a radio. It gets pretty boring in there on long drives.
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