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Originally Posted by vao View Post
While I see what you're saying, you can't talk apples and apples when you have an orange and a kiwi.

While you may burn through 800 of tires, what would the cost be for a new set for one year on the TSX?...

And anyway- who wouldn't want to ride everyday?! If I could I would gladly spend more on gas to ride every day (which I did on my gsxr750 {RIP}) if it meant I got to be on two wheels and out in the breeze.
It should be obvious I was talking apples and kiwis, and comparing the cost of each flavor.

I'd probably spend $300 for a set of tires on the TSX that would last 60,000 miles, or a tire cost of $75/year.

I change the oil annually for both the TSX and CBR with synthetic. TSX takes 5qt * $4 = $20. CBR takes 3.5qt * $4 = $14.

The chain has to be lubed every 3rd tank of gas, or 600 miles. It will have to be replaced about every 20,000 miles, and it's a good idea to replace sprockets at the same time.

I destroy approx $300 worth of fenders, turn signals, handlebars, etc every year wrecking the motorcycle (admittedly mostly on the racetrack), not to mention protective gear.

The TSX has very low maintenance in comparison. The valves require no adjustment, unlike my bike that requires it every 16,000 miles. I reuse the paper air filter usually. Wiper blades. All minor expenses.

As much as it pains me to admit this, a motorcycle generally does not make sense from a financial, convenience, or safety standpoint. It makes financial sense only if it's your only vehicle, or it gets insanely better fuel economy than another vehicle.

That said, I enjoy riding, and that value has to be factored into the equation. Heck, I even take Lafawnda the Honda out on dry winter days or sometimes to grab a couple bags of groceries. Ever see a crotch rocket grocery getter?
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