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Got my hitch installed and now working on the braketry for the carrier storage box. So far so good. here's a few pics. will probably have the full structure of the carrier done tomorrow. have gotten very busy at the shop and not enough time to work on this thing. still need to put everything together under the hood. just need to get some material to make the heavy duty hinge pins. here's a few pics;

Hitch mounted up;

Making hitch mounted arm for hinged carrier;

What a mess lol

A few weld close ups; not my best but it will suffice,

Some project trucks were working on at the shop: ) a few things i take pride in

The beginning stages of the carrier main frame. I know its hard to tell from the pics whats what but after a little more fabrication it will come to view. I eyeballed the angles as close as i thought to 10*. The sides taper in as well as the bottom tapering up toward the rear. The top will also have taper that will follow the curvature of the top air foil.

It's all coming together : )

My home...

I have a bunch of money coming in from jobs by wednesday so i should be able to pick up my aluminum sheet and piano hinges to dress it all in. Thinking of using polished aluminum.

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