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Just got an '02 Neon 5 Speed. Need advice

Firstly, I'm new to the forum. I just bought an 02 Neon and plan on hypermilling it and doing minor mods to improve my efficiency.

I wanted to get advice from more experienced Neon owners to get on the right track. What is the minimum recommended rpm speed for each speed and what rev range should I be aiming for?

I'll be installing a vacuum gauge, what reading should I see under different conditions?

I want to make sure my car is running well. I accelerated from 0-60, and I don't expect to achieve the 8s that are posted by car mags, but I got 13.5 :..(.. I could probably improve it by a second or 2 by revving higher and dropping the clutch or actually shifting at redline, but that still puts me at 4 off. My friend said he saw some blue smoke then, otherwise there's none. If I test with a compression tester, what reading should I see?

Thanks in advance. I'm really excited to join this community and see how I can stick it to the EPA rating.

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