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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Hey! Ya, I guess so. Sneaky little buggers. I bet people are just wondering, what the heck? What strange directions.
I was, at first. A few days before (recently) noticing that in the diagram (which I have had for a couple years, and looked at quite a few times) I had watched a video about electric drift trikes - they're like adult Big Wheels, with plastic rear "wheels" that let it slide, and an hub motor in the large front wheel. They both had that little coil of wire...

I remembered from discussions with Jeff from Evnetics and Major on DIYEC about doing things like this for increased inductance, so I kind of understood what it must be for, just not why, until I read your post.

I have a little 4.5" diameter (7" long) PM motor that I'm using to get the bike setup, and have done a couple tests at 12v, with an aftermarket automotive starter button as the contactor/controller (ON/OFF). That motor came with 4ft leads (coming directly out of the frame)...
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