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Just a thought on a question asked a few pages back. If you already know auto trannys just pass on by...

Transmission coolers. I don't believe you can really overcool an automatic.
Every one I've owned I've put the biggest setrab cooler that will fit in front of the radiator. They all went well over 200K without a fluid change and drove like new...
Heat wears the clutch packs and internals faster than just about anything...

The Scion/Toyota/Chevy/ford/Older Volvo..... pretty much all use AW or Aisin Warner automatic transmissions. Its all about the programming The transmission has a series of solenoids that are actuated by the ECU to select gear change speeds, rpm, all kinds of interesting stuff. The sad thing is that nobody has taken the time to build a intermediate controller for the cars... Something that would allow full manual semi auto or a combination..

If it has a motor its worth playing with.......
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