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fcporto, you really get 55 mpg at 65 mph with only lrr tires and hypermiling?

I looked at the .png you posted 'Benz C200 CDI mpg vs speed.png' and it is impressive if true. 65 miles a gallon at 55 miles an hour! 45 miles a gallon at 78 miles an hour! Am I reading it right? Is it possible you still had a kph / kpg issue in your data that you and the rest of us haven't seen? Heck of a car if this data is true. Any advice for when to shift to get the best mileage e.g. mid point of each gear, etc.

A youtube video (which I cannot post because I have no posts) seems to confirm the potential of the car. The title is '2010 Mercedes Benz C200 CDI Fuel Consumption Test'.

EDIT: video posted by admin

It doesn't appear that the C200 is available in the much does one cost in Europe?

Originally Posted by fcporto View Post

this is my first post here. I have been building my own chart since I bought this car (2010 Mercedes C200 CDI diesel estate, manual gearbox). What I am presenting is a series of values I sometimes gather during my highway trips. Each point represents 50 km (30 miles) of travel. Some trips have 250km, other are shorter (say, 50km) and therefore longer trips results have a bigger weight on the definition of the regression curve (made with Excel with standard parameters). Speeds are retrieved from the computer, which is very accurate in this respect. MPG data are also from the computer, which is, in average, 6% optimistic in relation to tank fill data. The car is absolutely stock and is using Michelin Energy Saver 205/55 R 16. I live in Portugal, so please apologize my English!
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