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Hi Calry,

yes, I think I have made the right calculations to convert my original data (l/100km) to MPG (US)! Anyway, I am posting two of my photos of the car's computer display (no I am not, I am not allowed to due to low post count, sorry!!!). The car is indeed very economical, you can also check this youtube video also (also not allowed... but you can browse on Youtube with this expression "mercedes c200 cdi road eater" and it will be the first on the retrieved list).
The runs I used to calculate this data are long (between 50 and 300km) so these values could be improved in shorter distances (less traffic, flatter roads). The roads I used are seldom flat, so this involves some coasting in neutral in descents, but all data were taken between points with the same geographical altitude (usually, sea level).
Prices of this car in Europe vary, because of different tax incidence between countries. Over here, a similarly specified car would cost around 45000 , but I guess it would be cheaper in Spain or France, for example.
Similar cars like the BMW 318d or the Audi A4 2.0 TDI yield very similar results. Diesel engines are very frugal! Mine is the estate version, so the 4 door saloon, lighter and more aerodynamical, will be even better.
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