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Originally Posted by JethroBodine View Post
Hey Shepherd Been looking for you out on the highways. Different roads I guess I90/91 mostly. Home tomorrow.
Hi JB -

We're on I-91 and even I-90 occasionally, but we usually head out of CT on I-84 to I-81 south or branch off at I-80 West.

We are currently just outside of St. Louis loading in the morning for PA. We came down here from Bloomington, IL this morning. It's 150 miles from Bloomington and my computer says we used exactly 9 gallons of diesel fuel for 16.6 mpg. We are empty.

We are always working on funding/investors for the new "scratch-built truck.

We have decided that the new truck will be electromotive power. A Cummins diesel engine powering a generator powering hub motors. No tranny or differential. Not a hybrid, no batteries. Batteries are not mature and cost too much, especially for a Class 8 truck. We are designing the truck with a battery bay so they will hopefully be plug-n-play when low (lower?) cost batteries become available.
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