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I can buy a set of tires every year with the money saved on insurance versus my Fiesta.
Comapred to my Fiesta at 45 MPG the bike would save me $400 a year in fuel, a couple of hundred in insurance and another $100 or so in property taxes, maybe more. $.0375 a mile in fuel costs. I've already put 1200 miles on the bike, and the Fiesta just hit 10k miles. It was built in November 2010, to say nothing about the emissions of the bike with a cat 02 sensor and FI. I have new tires sitting in the garage for the TU250X when the cheap Chinese tires wear out. I would guess I could have got 10k out of the rear tire and more out of the front. Your point is valid, or course, but if you are going to compare costs outside fuel then it needs to be TCO (total cost of ownership). I did not even include depreciation, which is a major factor for those who buy new, but in my case not nearly so significant.

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