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Originally Posted by beatr911 View Post
I gotta wonder. With the huge savings potential for freight companies, why aren't these technologies and driving techniques being used on a huge scale?

For just 3000 miles of driving at 14mpg vs 8mpg at $4/gal is $642 additional profit available. What am I missing? What reasons do companies have to spend these profits more wisely?

Just guessing. Is it delivery speed? Driver labor costs? Inability to incentivize the drivers to not drive like idiots? What?
We don't drive it like an idiot. Most everybody else, does.

"The idiots" (of which I am one)


the questions posed by the quoted post,

tend to come down to [1] subsidized fuel and [2] a market with "rules" (artifical props and constraints) that lead to this outcome.

The perversity of profit for the few is borne by society at large (and the small players within it). While this isn't strictly speaking an answer to either, it is good enough for a point of departure. "Enerrgy independence" is an advertising slogan, but not much else, unfortunately.


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