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I'd mainly have to guess it all comes to supply and demand.
When things aren't shipped out, or not on time, the market takes some sort of hit. (as substantial as it can be)
Shipping companies rely on their drivers to make the delivaries as fast and safely as possible so they can keep contracts, and money rolling into the business. When things aren't done on schedule, the market is at a loss of product, things fall out of line. At which Drivers for whatever reason have to "make up lost time" or take that penalty(decreased efficiency and safety).
More loads = more income. Time is money, Most don't have the time to take and go "55mph" when they need to be there "Now"...

When you are dedicated like this man, who understands and knows the importance between time/work and the economics to save money on his own then he's at a win win.

If you think, Tractor trailers over seas are restricted to 56mph. Safety would be top, considering the more congested roads, but they also have a different supply and demand economy that allows for such restrictions. who knows...

just my .02
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