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Originally Posted by slowmover View Post
We don't drive it like an idiot. Most everybody else, does.

"The idiots" (of which I am one)


the questions posed by the quoted post,

tend to come down to [1] subsidized fuel and [2] a market with "rules" (artifical props and constraints) that lead to this outcome.

The perversity of profit for the few is borne by society at large (and the small players within it).
Even with these at play it seems there is still additional profit to be made by an efficient transport vehicle as stated. With the aero improvements and driving at 55 the big mpg numbers come. I don't mean to hijack this thread but my simple mind sees a potential here.

I drive the freeways like everyone else and see the occasional idjit going 70+ in a 60 zone in the far left lane of a 6 lane interstate. By far, most rig drivers are excellent examples though.

I don't intend to even imply that even the majority of rig drivers are idiots. Handling all that kinetic energy with cross traffic, infinitely variable weather, traffic and light conditions is no easy task to do safely day after day.

Maybe fuel efficiency is just a background din to the already deafening noise of the daily business at hand. I don't know.
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