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Originally Posted by pete c View Post
What is the efficiency of spinning a generator to spin electric hubs? I would think it is considerably lower than a conventional drivetrain. Trains have done it for years, but, the reason is that no one can figure out how to build a beefy enough clutch.

I do think this idea can work as soon as battery technology gets to the point where it is practical. This would be a huge advantage in hilly areas. Just think of how many megawatts of power get turned into noise through jake brakes every day. Sure would be nice to turn it back into stored electrons for the next uphill.
It would allow the diesel to run at a constant speed, except when going down hill, where it would idle.

The mechanical losses from a 13 speed transmission and a monster size differential churning all that oil with those monster gears are not very efficient.

We plan on using batteries as soon as they become light and cheap enough. We will already be one step of everyone else when they become available with the electromotive drivetrain.
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