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Smurf: Yeah those Buick Regals are nice. I actually almost traded my Bravada for one about a year ago untill I found out that the Gas mileage really was not that much better than the Bravada's with the Buick's Supercharged V6 (shocker I know) but at the time I was really looking for something more along the lines of a Civic. Still that Regal was Niiiice!

As far as the Bravada front end swap on the S10 goes yes you have to change the bumper too in order for it to look right. I mean technically you can install the Bravada headlights and Grill with the S10 bumper still on the truck but you will just end up with a huge ugly gap between the grill/headlights and the bumper. But when I originally did the swap I did use a Sonoma/Jimmy bumper but I eventually found a Bravada bumper and put that on there, which is actually what it has in the pictures.

Oh and I don't know if you know, but if you want to go from a 94-97 style S10 front end to a newer 98+ s10/Bravada/GMC etc front end you also have to swap out the radiator core support. But since my truck was a 98 the Bravada parts literally popped right in place of the original parts.

But yeah I am pretty much right where I want to be style wise with my 88. Some day in the near future I would really like to throw some paint at it, but honestly I am not 100% sure what I want to go with. I really like black, but that's not happening on a truck without A/C. I have also been rolling around the idea of doing a Desert Camo paint scheme kind of as a tribute to the time I served in the Marine Corps. The good thing about that idea is that I couild stick with the Beige color as the base and that would mean I don't have to worry about painting the door jams and the engine compartment.

But yeah I would love to hear more about your Pup, I have always liked those trucks.

James: Thank you. As for what the truck cost me, so far I would say I have right around $800~$900 into that truck, including the original purchase price of $600 and the cost of buying a new radiator which was just over $100. As far as all of the modifications that have been done to it, to buy those all of parts outright it would not be cheap. The lowering suspension kit new costs right around $600 for a 5/6 drop kit, the wheels and tires would run right around $300~$400 for a good used set and the tonneau cover would be around $400 new. All of these parts I had from previous projects so they didn't cost me a thing. In fact in the picture of the black S10 you can see it actually had those exact same wheels on it.
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