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The supercharged six wasn't that bad on gas. I used to drive temp workers to a factory twice a day, every day. Me, plus four other adults, 100 miles west, 100 miles east, wait twelve hours, repeat, wait twelve hours, repeat... At ~70MPH, I was able to get up around 33MPG. But when you look at 2800 miles going on your clock every week..

As far as my own front-end swap plans, I'd probably just switch from the 95 bucket-lights to a 95 Blazer grill/composites. The problem is I can't find clear-corner Blazer lights, apparently they don't make them anymore, and I'm not willing to pay $200+ a pair for the ones I can find lol

That was my Puppy. This was just after I got bored at work one day and made a 'tonneau' with 2x4s and metal siding lol. I did a non-precise test shortly after this pic, and got low-40s MPG. Damn, I miss that truck!

If you can find one of them, ESPECIALLY IF IT'S A DIESEL, buy it. They're so stripped down! Also, if you look at the bottom rear behind the tire, it was crunched up at an angle. I was going to crunch the other side just like it, and it was completely smooth for a pan there. The muffler is located inside the bed wall (IIRC) just between the door handle and that hole in the bed. Last I talked to the kid that now has it, it's got a streetbike exhaust, new intake, 1000W Fosgate system, 16"s on the back, bucket seats. Not bad, but not at all the direction I would have taken it.
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