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Why does The Template have to be a half body of revolution?

My understanding is that The Template is a half body of revolution to insure that air doesn't want to move laterally because of pressure differentials between the top and sides, which leads to vortex generation.

If that's the case, wouldn't a half-square cross section serve as well, given equal cross-sectional area? If air is not wrapping across the edge, would no vortexes be created?

Here are three aeroforms, a cylinder, a superellipse and a square. Would their Cd be equivalent?

(These are not dimensionally highly accurate; I just eyeballed the proportions against The Template)

The next question: If the height/width proportion changes, what happens to the respective tapers? If the half revolution form is 7' wide, then it is 3 1/2' high. If the height is proportionally greater, does the side taper increase or relax?


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