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I was misinformed and mis nformed you .. sorry hiope you get this.. fiberglass resin works on the yellowish white foam.. the pink stuff gets eaten..

I was told the pink was fine but never tried it till yesterday.. tride it and yep the pink stuff melts with fiberglass resin.. spray paint too..

The white/yellowish foam in the foil backed sheets doesn't melt also spray foam doesn't either..

Some one talked about blue foam and i cant test that becuase here i cant find it anywhere..

THe white yellowingt foam in the foil sheets if you peal the foil off is very nice and flexable.. even 1" gets semi flexible with the foil removed.. been working with the stuff all day today .. great stuff to work with but its not reall strong enough unless you coat it with resin with some other fiber like fiberglass or cloth.. something to add some fixed strength.. fleece works great but end up being really thick when done..if you need a nice thin coating use fiber glass or t-shirt material from the fabric store.. many options play around and see what you come up with.

many people have had great success with just cardboard and fiberglass.

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