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The frontal areas are different the shapes are different,making it unlikely that they have precisely the same cd.
I shrunk the box shaped one to approximate equal frontal area:
...given equal cross-sectional area...
and I know the single-curve shape will have more skin drag. No doubt there would be a measurable difference, but would it be a practical difference?

Your logic looks sound to me until you throw in a cross wind.
This is where I thought the conversation would go. I read, somewhere, that radiused edges improve crosswind performance. The superelliptic shape strikes me as a middle ground with the 'boxfish' shape:

But it's all compound curves and loses the construction simplicity of the square cross-section. The Tropfenwagen looses the taper in side view almost completely:

I find The Template is kind of like a straight jacket, and almost nothing practical looks completely, exactly like it (the 1939 Schlörwagen comes close). I'm just looking for the most respectful way to slowly drift astray from it. There must be fifty ways...
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