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Originally Posted by ebacherville View Post
I always wanted to build one of those 3 wheeled cars like in that link.. now build it with a 125cc scooter rear end and you got a 100mpg car.. so so tempting..
I'd love to do that. But I'm also attracted to Riley's idea of using a small diesel engine in front and an electric motor in back, and just using a manual switch over when you run out of electrons. Running the diesel on biodiesel would be ideal. The only problem is that he is looking at a Kubota tractor engine, which I'm sure doesn't pass California emission standards.

As far as top-coating polystyrene foam, epoxy resin does not melt it, but the polyester resin does (I'm not sure about vinylester). You could try epoxy resin over the blue foam; it may work well.
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