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Guy in a Ranger blows by me today (I am going the 45 MPH limit). 2.5 miles between traffic lights on this stretch of route 143 from Newport News to Williamsburg. The next light stays green a maximum of 12 seconds in a 1 minute plus cycle. He gets to the light and gets nailed by the red light. I am about .5 mile behind him now but I roll through the light without even slowing down in the left lane. Another 300 yards and he blows by me again. I am still doing the 45 MPH limit. He must be doing 60-65 MPH in a 45 zone, 20 over is reckless in Virginia.

I keep moving along at 45 MPH and he leaves me in the dust, expecially after the limit goes up to 55 MPH. The road is non divided 4 lane without much traffic running parallel to the crowded Interstate 64 W to Richmond.

I would bet that the fuel he burned in those 3 miles was more than I used to ride 40 miles today and I never impeded his progress by one second, even though he was driving 20+ over the limit.

This happens all the time to me, I pass them at the light they just raced up to when it was red, and they catch me from a dead stop, when I am going the speed limit, in less than 2 tenths of a mile, only to race ahead and get caught by the next light, rinse and repeat ad stupidium.


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