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Originally Posted by ron View Post
have your bud machine a cup that seals on the oring and fill it with some 5-20 motor oil , that option sounds the best . in the future you may find a use for that extended gear.
I already came up with a cap using some 3" hose and a hacked up Peterbilt shock absorber. Pictures to follow. I will probably go with 75W90 gear oil since that is what this bearing bathed in until now.

Today I went to my USA mailbox and picked up my:

1. PB-6 potbox. It will work brilliantly for my purposes. The idle microswitch trips just off idle before the pot resistance starts changing. I will use this microswitch to turn the field power on and off (remember - I'm attempting to power a sepex motor with an Alltrax series/PM controller here!). This safety redundancy will ensure ultimate safety in case my Alltrax decides to weld itself into a closed circuit.

2. 2-400A fuses. One in the high amp wiring, one in the glovebox for backup.

3. Used Volvo vacuum pump. I already hooked it up to the brake booster, gave it 12 volts and pumped the brake pedal repeatedly (and quickly). This vacuum pump easily keeps up, so I will not need to make a vacuum reservoir. And that's good news.

4. Vacuum switch. It will tee into the brake booster vacuum supply and will turn the vacuum pump on and off through a relay.

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