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re: squared off corners

The issue is in loading, even for non-intermodal trucks. picture a pallet or other container stacked to the height of the truck, and the width. With a flat/squared off front you can have the first pallet you load just bump up against the front of the trailer and load them in until they're right at the tailgate. Imagine how much more complexity you've added for the warehouse people (or alternatively how much space you've wasted by saving them time) if they have to figure out how to load the same load into something with a parabolic front, or even just one that was a foot lower and narrower at the front. Suddenly you're trying to stack tvs, beer kegs, bananas, etc. in a shape that conforms to the front of the trailer, or just waisting that space. Oh yeah and most of the loads are too tall for you to actually see the front of the trailer from the inside once loaded, so even trial and error is a pravneet and a half. The more difficult logistics, expensive containers, etc. would kill a LOT of any gains from fuel savings.
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