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When I drove a school bus I had two experiences that I would like to share. First was driving through a shopping area that had several lights that were impossible to make. You could only try to hurry so much in a bus and I wasn't, but I was next to some teenagers that had done all of the wrong things to an old Japanese care. Each time the light changed they burned rubber only to hit the brakes for another red as I rolled up. Sweet ride. They were effectively as fast as a school bus!

The other was I was waiting to turn left onto a freeway next to a very pretty Mustang. I do not know what they did to it, if it was any faster than stock, but you sure expected it to be.

I revved my engine.

The light turned green and the Mustang took off. A quarter mile later I passed it, pulled over, with a police car right behind.

Was I responsible for that?
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