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Originally Posted by JRMichler View Post
Driving technique has a HUGE effect on mileage. Much of the mileage I'm getting comes from how I drive my truck.

How does your driving technique compare to that discussed in the stickies?
Understand my viewpoint --
I'm comparing a new Nissan flagship pickup of twenty years ago to a new flagship Nissan pickup of today.

With all the advances in on-board computers and electronic controls, variable cams and such, the truck of today should be getting double the gas mileage of its counterpart twenty years ago.

Instead, it is upside down - as far as efficiency, the truck of twenty years ago is better, by a very large factor.


And I aim to find out what, and correct for it.

All the eco-mods and driving techniques do not answer that basic question -- why are the vehicles of today so much less efficient than their counterparts two decades ago?

In all cases, that isn't true. But for my choice, it is.
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